Enock Kasaadha

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I joined Debian through an Internship and have been here since October 2022. While in Debian, I joined the Salsa CI team by default because that is where my scope of internship deliverables was focused. Ever since then, I have gained a deeper understanding of packaging since Salsa CI takes into consideration the packaging process of Debian packages of any kind. Specifically, I am working on optimizing the pipeline by integrating sbuild to replace dpkg-buildpackage. the more time I have spent working on the Salsa CI pipeline, the more I have become motivated to continue maintaining and optimizing it because it is an important tool for keeping the Debian archive clean and maintainable. I also want to continue growing my skills while working with different projects, scenarios and developers. I would love to primarily focus on maintaining the pipeline and occasionally maintain a few packages along the way too. My journey in Debian has been adventurous thanks to Santiago Ruano Rincón and Inaki Malerba.

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