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Keng-Yu Lin

Account namekengyu
OpenPGP fingerprint770B 5CDB FB4B 868B 6143 4845 C617 869F 1478 504E
Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2019-07-25

Short Biography

I live in Taipei, Taiwan. It was very lucky that DebConf18 took place Taiwan. This is the first DebConf that I participated physically. It's a very special experience to me.

I started to use F/OSS was in the graduate school. I decided to use Ubuntu as the development platform to implement a small speech recognition system. Why Ubuntu? Because at that time I could ask for free Ubuntu CD-ROMs to ship to my place. It was really handy.This helped me get used to the Debian utilities, e.g. apt, dpkg.

After the graduation from school, I found a job in a company making Android phones. I was in Board Support Package team. Android's BSP development platform was Ubuntu too. Just about the time, Windows started to fade out of my personal computers.

Then I joined Canonical as a kernel engineer in 2009. As a kernel engineer in Canonical, it was okay not to learn packaging, especially for a junior position as me, because the team interacted with the kernel upstream directly.

During this period of time, I learnt about pbuilder, Debian package naming and versioning convention. When there were spare time, I started to learn how to package. With so many DDs about, it was easy to ask if I had questions.

The first one package I treated seriously is ibus-array. It is the Chinese Input Method that I used everyday. I really wanted it to be included in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. So I followed the "upstream first" policy, it was my first time to know and used WNPP/ITP/, etc.

It was also about the time that I became a DM in 2012.

After that, I started to do ITPs and made utilities and tools that I often used into Debian.

So it is fair to say that my tendency toward the contribution to Debian is to include software that I am really using.

For the short-to-middle time in the future, I plan to package I worked in Hewlett Packard Enterprise now, this Persistent Memory Toolkit may be what I will work on in the company. I want to make Debian the best platform for developing the persistent memory software.

Personal history

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