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I live in Starogard Gdański (a town in central northern Poland), and I'm a programmer/sysadmin. I used to work in a small software development company, nowadays I work mostly remotely.

The faculty I studied at, MIM UW, is quite strongly Linux based. I thus switched from hacking DOS/Windows to using Red Hat/PLD in 1997, then around 1999 I upgraded to Debian. I was a mere user for a time, coding but never packaging, then around 2003 I inhaled the docs, filed my first ITP and started trolling^Wcontributing to^W^Wtrolling the lists.

Since then, most of my contributions consists of filing bugs and patches rather than packaging. Mostly, I tend to deal with problems in Debian as I spot them, rather than in an organized push -- thus you might notice bugs/patches being strewn around many areas. In other words, I usually do something to scratch a particular itch. Exceptions include helping compare the effects of different compressors archive-wide, some work towards the x32 port, but not that much more.

I've had it with encoding issues, though -- they are popping up with almost the same frequency as they did in the bad old DOS days. For example, about two months ago I wasted nearly a day of work debugging some data corruption caused by mysql not using UTF-8 when you would expect it to, unlike databases I usually use. Such troubles pop up over and over and over. This is the main reason I applied to become a DD: an outsider has no real power to push a release goal. Of course, being a DD has other uses too...

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