Kristian Nielsen

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Short Biography

I have had a passion for programming since I got access to my first computer around the age of 12, and a passion for Free Software even before I learned about the term. I released my first GPL program in 1991 (when I got internet access at the University), and have been using Debian as my main system since 1997.

My computer interests span wide, with main focuses such as server programming, low-level programming and optimisation, electronics, IC/FPGA design, compiler theory, algorithms, Free Software.

I got into Debian packaging as a developer on MariaDB, and later became maintainer for `openscad' when it got removed from testing due to unfixed bugs. Now having a solid technical knowledge of the packaging, it is a good time to focus more of my Free Software contribution on Debian; helping to keep the system available as a solid base for the computer work of myself as well as others.

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