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Short Biography

I'm Hans van Kranenburg, I live in the Netherlands. My IRC nickname is Knorrie.

I'm a Debian user since 2002. In that year, some fellow students at my student union in Delft helped me set up my first Linux server at home. The hobby was a success, and I started doing related work while finishing my education.

In 2004 I had to file my first Debian bug report, #282141, and it turned out that I had to patch and rebuild the initrd-tools package. It was great to see a server boot instead of throwing a kernel panic, after figuring it all out!

For many years, I was just a happy user, reporting bugs here and there, or assisting to get existing ones solved. I found out that all software that I was using was already pretty well maintained. At work, I learned packaging more stuff for ourselves, and also maintaining a private repository with a collection of backports and changed packages.

In 2016, I got my first sponsored packages into Debian, python-btrfs and btrfs-heatmap, (which I'm also the upstream author of).

Since December 2017 I'm involved with the Xen packaging. I assisted in getting the packaging up to date to the latest Xen version in preparation for Buster, am trying to get the user community a bit more active and cleaned out the src:xen bts.

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