Christopher Knadle

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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2017-12-24

Short Biography

I came to Debian in early 2000 from Slackware because I needed a distribution that supported in-place upgrades, and I've been running Debian ever since. In dealing with several bugs I found I had increasing interest in the packaging side of things, and also found that this knowledge was necessary if I wanted at least one particular package to continue to function as expected. In 2014 I took over as the maintainer for the 'mumble' package, first through a DD sponsor and then as a DM since 2015. I've also helped convert several packages from using individual debhelper calls to the more dh in debian/rules and occasionally helping other contributors in Debian with packaging work.

I am now starting the process towards formally becoming a Debian Developer.

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New-style processes
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2017-08-12 2017-12-24 DD, upl. Christopher Knadle krait Closed czchen
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krait July 1, 2015 Aug. 18, 2015 Debian Maintainer (done) Cancelled None pmatthaei