Kienan Stewart

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Status Debian Maintainer since 2024-02-16

Short Biography

I've been using free software and various GNU/Linux distributions over the last few decades. I initially started using GNU/Linux out of technical curiosity and as a pedagogical platform. I believe it is important to have open, accessible, and free software from which many people can benefit and upon which alternatives to profit-first software can be built.

I've attended a number of local Debian events - regular meetups, bug squashes, and DebConf 17, as well as participating in the #debian-quebec IRC channel. I intend to continue participating in the local Debian community.

I have packaged and maintain two Debian packages - vagrant-hostmanager and puppet-strings. I also helped in repackaging grokmirror. I typically ask members for the #debian-quebec community who are Debian developers to review and sponsor packages that I work on. For a previous employer, I assisted in maintaining forked and backported packages for their infrastructure.

My principal motivation in applying to become a Debian maintainer is to assist my current employer by helping to maintain packages related to the software they develop so the latest releases are available in Debian and other downstream distributions.

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