Lance Lin

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Status Debian Maintainer since 2022-12-22

Short Biography

I am a 25 year old software developer. I came across Linux-based operating systems and wanted to give back to the open source community. For the past year, I've been attending virtual DebConf presentations on how to get started in Debian. Using this advice, I started adopting packages and fixing bugs. I then became a part of the Debian Med team and further supported Debian by adding several autopkgtests, fixing bugs and also fulfilling a request for package bug.

Additionally, I have worked with upstream developers and packaged 'workflow' and 'srpc' from scratch. It's been rewarding for both the upstream and myself as we collaborated to prepare their software for open source packaging.

Given my past year in Debian, I feel that I've demonstrated my ability to package software from scratch, fix numerous bugs and also write autopkgtests to improve package quality.

Going forward, I'd like the ability to maintain my own packages and continue to work with the community to make Debian better.

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