Markus Frosch

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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2014-07-29

Short Biography

I started using Linux while fiddling with my own virtual servers, I did some webdesign back then and was starting hosting some sites, including my own. This was on RedHat and later SuSE.

After beginning my first employment at a data center in Nuremberg back in 2003, I began collecting experience in many different server installations of Linux, mainly SuSE and Debian.

I worked in support and was helping customers to fix problems on there boxes, either hardware or software.

Getting sick of the crappy YaST implementations back then I started experimenting with Debian in 2004 and installed Woody on my own root server, switching web and e-mail stuff over from the old virtual boxes.

Over the years I've collected many experience on running Linux servers and also used Debian on some of my desktops.

My professional focus always was around data center or ISP infrastructure, from server applications to network and routing.

Since 2012 I'm working as a technical consultant for a open source company. My job is to help customers on site to integrate OSS monitoring solutions like Icinga, and the tools around it, as well as configuration management software, mainly Puppet.

My involvement in Debian as a packager began whilst packaging some software for a customer that was using Debian.

Alexander Wirt contacted me than and asked if I want to push some of my work into Debian directly. He helped me shape up icinga-web and we made it into Wheezy a few days before release freeze. He also asked me to become a member of the Nagios packaging team.

For the future I want to help in improving Debian as good as I can do, and want to maintain - or help maintain - packages where I can share my experience. I also made some ITPs [1] for packages I'd like to add for Jessie.


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