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Felix Lechner

Account namelechner
OpenPGP fingerprintF04D 1C22 02E2 FA0D 0188 54DA AC58 A94F 1161 8EE0
Status Debian Maintainer, with guest account since 2017-10-02

Short Biography


I had my first contact with open source software in 1993. A fellow student at Harvard gave me Slackware disks and showed me how to compile the GNU tools. I have used Debian since 2001, except for a few years when I used Ubuntu.

My primary interests are encryption and encrypted communications. I grew up grew up in Berlin and learned how privacy violations contributed to the Holocaust and to World War II. Maintaining online privacy is probably my greatest personal challenge. At the same time, I prefer to see electronic equipment being used in lawful ways.

In Debian, I maintain the key signing tool PIUS, the encryption library wolfSSL, and the communications suite SvxLink. I also have experience in packaging Linphone (for which I had a popular PPA in Ubuntu). My hope is to contribute more to the VOIP Team. I have been a member there since 2015. To date, I have only redesigned the team's web pages.

As for other contributions, I occasionally file bug reports (preferably with patches) and hope to write on the Debian Wiki about exciting new encrypted file systems. When my young family does not take my breath away, I enjoy visiting #debian-mentors on IRC.

Thank you for reading!

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