Mark Lee Garrett

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I started about in 2004 using Debian through a friend of mine. Around 2006 I joined Debian on IRC and was learning more about Debian and also started helping out other users (which I do to this day).

In 2010 I started working as a System Administrator, using Debian on all my systems. For work I ended up packaging and backporting a lot of things for customers, so I got used to the packaging tools, although it took until 2015 until I started contributing to packaging efforts within Debian (rp-pppoe and Ansible).

In 2015 I went to Debconf Heidelberg. I also made the trip to Montreal this year, which was an opportunity for me to meet a lot of great Debian people in person (hlieberman, Zlatan, Paultag, Pabs, infinity0, h01ger, to name a few).

I'm currently working on maintaining Ansible and packages that Ansible depends on in some way. I plan on joining the DSA in long-term (even though they're using Puppet ;).

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