Marcio de Souza Oliveira

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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2019-02-03

Short Biography

My first contact with GNU/Linux and free software was in 2006. When I used kurumin 6 brazilian distro based in Knoppix.

Why did I start using GNU/Linux?

I think I started using GNU/Linux because I always liked to learn, especially learning about computers. I always liked to understand how things work. And since then I've never stopped using it. Maybe it's because of the feeling of freedom we feel when use free software. The feeling of being able to do, to choose, being able to help.

In my free software discovery process I tested various distributions, including Debian. I started use Debian in fact in 2011 in my work. At the time I worked with network infrastruture, network services with free software. I consider myself a lucky guy, I am always working with free software :).

In 2014 I started contributing with Debian as a maintainer. I'm currently DM, I like work with QA and whenever possible I try to add relevance new free softwares to Debian.

My plans in addition to continuing the work of maintainer is to try help the new users of Debian, perhaps by writing tips and guides to the most common questions.

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