Martin Dosch

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Short Biography

Dear all,

my name is Martin and I am living in Munich, Germany.

I am using Linux since 2003 or 2004 and Debian since approx. end of 2010. I generally prefer free and open source programs and open standards. Therefore I am also active in the XMPP community and wrote two little tools (go-sendxmpp and xmpp-dns).

What I have done so far in Debian packaging:

  • I was working on the profanity packaging to create another binary with less dependencies from the same source package [0].
  • I created the initial packaging and maintain the following packages: go-sendxmpp [1], xmpp-dns [2], golang-debian-mdosch-xmppsrv [3], golang-github-bwesterb-go-ristretto [4], golang-github-mattn-go-xmpp [5], golang-github-pborman-getopt [6], golang-github-protonmail-go-mime [7], golang-github-protonmail-gopenpgp [8], gosop [9].
  • I also helped out by updating another maintainers package golang-github-protonmail-go-crypto [10].
    My PGP key got signed by the DD Jochen Spricker after we met in person and he checked my ID (I just sent it to the key servers, but it seems they are not updated yet). It is also signed by Governikus [11], a company operating the eGovernment services in Germany [12]. I plan to visit the next DUG meeting in Munich [13] (none announced yet) to get some more DD signatures.


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