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Alexandre Mestiashvili

Account namemestia
OpenPGP fingerprintB1A5 1EB2 779D D017 43CC 19BA 1CF7 9211 1B52 28B0
Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2018-02-23

Short Biography

Born in 1982 in Georgia, graduated Tbilis state University with bachelor degreee in physics. Work with GNU/Linux and BSD like distributuins since 2000.

My primary areas of interest in Debian are: support of biological packages used at work, packaging software I use myself and is useful for others, backporting packages to older Debian releases.

My free time hobby is mountaineering and other outdoor activities.

Personal history

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2017-09-28 2018-02-23 DD, upl. Alexandre Mestiashvili mestia Closed noodles
Applicant From To Applying for Progress AM Advocate(s)