Michel Le Bihan

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Short Biography

I'm a Debian user for ~5 years. I was first using it on my computer and a derivative: Raspbian on my personal server. I was working as a sysadmin for a year last academic year. I was contributing to many FOSS projects before. Most of my contributions were small, but they fixed bugs or added features that were important for me. You can see them on my GitHub and GitLab accounts: https://github.com/mimi89999, https://gitlab.com/mimi89999. I was also contributing to the F-Droid repo. There all apps need to be fully FOSS and have FOSS dependencies, so I'm aware of all the possible issues and checking sources and all dependencies very carefully for files under a different license or prebuilt artifacts.

I want to become a DM to maintain packages that are important for me and that I'm using regularly. One of such packages is Chromium for which I made an NMU jumping several mayor releases at once that fixed 141 known vulns and that I would want to maintain if the current maintainer doesn't come back.

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