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I have been drawn towards FLOSS since I first saw a Linux book back in 1995 -- though the price of hardware being what it is, I did not end up running a (GNU/?) Linux system until 1998. More accidents of circumstances meant that, while I tried Debian early on, I ended up contributing to Fedora instead. If memory serves, it's mostly due to living as a student in a remote area, meaning it's hard to get my GPG key signed!

I am fortunate enough to now work for a company that contributes to, and maintain, many open source projects - as such, contributing to Debian now makes sense both on a personal level (Debian feels more pure in its dedication to Free Software - having a storm in a teacup over whether to switch to GitLab EE would be unthinkable) and also on a professional level (we want to distribute our projects more widely). So that brings me here!

I'll be focusing initially on packaging and maintaining software that either my company develops in house, or contribute to, or use as a dependency; the full list is on my Salsa account (minus pacman-package-manager which I have contributed to but not maintain, and libkdumpfile that I'm still in the process of getting into shape for the ITP, and zcfan that simply needs to be reviewed):


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