Raphaël Halimi

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Dear fellow Debianists,

I'm a system/network administrator with 20 years experience (nearly 40 years old).

I discovered Linux in 1998 and immediately liked it, for a lot of reasons, but primarily its openness (both technically, and in freedom) and thus, the level of control it allows on the system.

After my initial installs of Slackware, and then SuSE, back in 1998, I quickly settled with Debian around 2000 and never looked back. Through the years, I often tested other distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint...) but I always ended up going back to Debian.

The work I did/do for Debian include numerous bug reports (some of them dating back circa 2001, but with different e-mail addresses), advocacy (when people ask me why I use Linux, I explain it to them, with the reasons why I prefer Debian over other distributions) and last but not the least, I'm currently the maintainer of two packages (tlp and acpi-call). This is not counting all the non-official packages in my personal repository.

Also, I think that contributing to Debian is really beneficial to the FOSS community as a whole, because it's the upstream of many derivative distributions, so this work benefits a much larger group of people.

The main reason why I'm applying for Debian Maintainer status today is that my sponsor recently became a father and he doesn't have as much free time as he used to do, to this would allow me to upload new releases of my packages without needing to harass him. The other reasons are more fitting in the mid-to-long term, like facilitating maintenance of other packages in the future (alone or within a team).

I hope my application will be accepted and I'm looking forward to becoming a Debian Maintainer.


-- Raphaël Halimi

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