Michael Shuler

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Status Debian Maintainer since 2016-11-13

Short Biography

I have been a contributor to Debian for quite a few years and this is long overdue :)

I currently maintain ca-certificates, ifmetric, and started packaging in Debian with a couple modules in the Perl Group. I have filed, submitted patches to, and fixed bugs over the years wherever I've been able to help with improving Debian. I have spent time on IRC and lists helping Debian users, packagers, and developers whenever I had the knowledge to assist. It is time that I work down the NM path, so I can free up a little time from my much appreciated mentors and upload sponsors, as well as contribute as a voting Debian member.

Personal history

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2016-11-04 2017-09-21 DD, upl. Michael Shuler mshuler Closed
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