Martijn van Brummelen

Account namemvb
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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2016-07-10

Short Biography

In 1998 I started to use Debian as a desktop and for some small projects. After 4 years I started to use it professionally. In 2009 I adopted grsync and have been maintaining it. In 2010 I started to package and maintain libpam-script/zarafa-drag-n-drop/nwipe all packages are in good shape. In 2013 I applied for DM. In 2014 I created a backport of nss-ldapd for Wheezy. This month I adopted Nwipe(upstream) and fixed several bugs. Next to maintaining my own packages I also fixed several bugs/tested patches/packages and did some NMU's with help from other Debian Developers. In the future I want to keep my packages in shape and triage and fix other Debian bugs.

Personal history

Old-style processes
Applicant From To Applying for Progress AM Advocate(s)
mvb Oct. 29, 2014 Oct. 29, 2014 Debian Maintainer, with guest account (done) Cancelled None joostvb
mvb Oct. 23, 2014 July 10, 2016 Debian Developer, uploading (done) Completed plessy adejong, christoph, joostvb, thijs