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Short Biography

I'm Michael Hudson-Doyle, born and raised in the UK but living in New Zealand for the last 9.5 years. I first installed GNU/Linux in (I think) 1998 -- it was Redhat Linux 5, and if I remember right, I just missed the pain of the transition from libc5 to glibc. Ancient history! I had a bit of a dabble with OS X on my personal machines for a while, but I've been linux only for a long while now.

I've worked for Canonical for over 10 years now but I've only really been doing a lot of packaging/Ubuntu work for the last 3 or 4 years.

Part of my reason for wanting to work more on Debian is work-related, as obviously Ubuntu is mostly Debian and making Debian better makes Ubuntu better. Making changes in Ubuntu only is both technically and morally (if that's the right word) painful. I always want to fix problems in the right place, whether that's upstream or Debian or wherever! On a more personal level, I'm committed to the idea of free software and Debian is obviously one of the beacons of the whole movement.

In Debian, my main areas of interest are related to Go and Python; I already maintain the golang compiler packages in Debian and Ubuntu and want to help more with the ecosystem of packages in both languages (this is one of the reasons why DM status is a little frustrating: updating one package may require updating a few others and requesting sponsorship of each change or upload rights for each package adds friction to the whole process). I don't really have any specific goals beyond keeping these packages usefully current but who knows where my interests will take me :-)

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