François Mazen

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Short Biography

I develop free software since 2007. VST Preset Generator and TapTempo are the most famous ones, but actually not so famous.

I came to Debian in 2014 for my personal computer after intense lobbying from a co-worker. Since I've never regretted this choice. Debian's spirit fits perfectly what I've always looked for in my projects: software freedom without compromise and technical excellence.

Quickly after moving to Debian, I've started to contribute. First, with bug reports and patches, then by maintaining packages. I currently maintain several packages and I feel comfortable with the packaging process. Hence, I became Debian Maintainer in 2020.

Now, I would like to be more involved in the Debian community to be able to help broadly on the technical side and on the social side. So I've started the process to become Debian Developer.

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