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Short Biography

I have been using Debian since the early 2000s (it was the first FOSS operating system I ever used), and started using Tor around that time.

I have had a long standing interest in anonymity, cryptography and computer security. I was, until recently, pursuing a PhD in computer science.

At night, I administer a number of systems, many of which are Debian-based, including those of Nos oignons (a French NGO that operates Tor exit nodes), realraum (my local hackerspace) and Funkfeuer Graz (a local, non-profit ISP).

Regarding Debian, I maintain a number of packages, contribute bugfixes and enhancements to packages I do not own, and I am already a member the AppArmor, pkg-auth, pkg-go, pkg-ocaml, and pkg-rust teams; I will of course keep contributing there, along with my work on improving ZFS support (my laptop runs root-on-ZFS)

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