Alexandre Rossi

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I was introduced to Debian while studying engineering at ENAC (French National Aviation School). There, I attended computer science classes and we were working on Unix Sparc stations on POSIX concepts, C and OCaml. Debian potato was the natural way to finish my homework in my room. Debian then became the way to host some content in the dorm LAN and share a DSL connection with friends.

It has since then became my preferred computing operating system although my paid work is not practical to do on Debian, because it involves using Microsoft Office tools.

I've made my first package for deejayd which has since been removed lacking sponsorship and I currently maintain davmail and one of its dependencies. I'm also trying to get seafile-server in Debian. I think I understood most of debhelper's usage because it does not feel hard to package a new application except for the usual problem of embedded dependencies, especially javascript ones.

I'm quite fluent un python and php but I can read and sometimes fix a lot of languages such as Java, C, C++, shell among others. I'm not afraid to dive in big codebases to fix whatever bothering me with the software I use. I love open source software for this: it is not impossible to fix whatever's bothering you enough.

I also find my way around source control systems, mostly git now but I have used a lot darcs and mercurial.

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