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Clément Hermann

Account namenodens
OpenPGP fingerprint0663 9AFA A76D 6B48 0169 7088 30E6 7467 6859 C8AD
Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2019-08-27

Short Biography

I began using Gnu/Linux in 1995, when I discovered about this wondrous thing called "Internet". The internet cafe I was attending had only Linux workstation, running RedHat (5.0 IIRC).

I installed my first Debian in 2000, to provide a gateway for internet access in the flat I was sharing at the time. Later, as a sysadmin in a small hosting company, I switched to Debian as my OS of choice.

I believe my first contribution is bug #187019, in 2003. There as been a few since, mostly bug reporting/triaging, some packaging (I maintained tsclient for a while, did a few backports here and there, etc). [0]

Currently, while still working for a hosting company as a system/network engineer, I'm a Tails [1] contributor, maintaining OpenPGP Applet [2] as an "upstream" so it can be in Debian - where I also maintain it as part of the Pkg-Perl team - and can be pulled from there to Tails. That led me to being an active member in the Perl team.

I also participated in the Alioth replacement Sprint [3], where it became clear to me that I needed to actually step up and start the NM process, since not being a DD actually made me less helpful.

Attending DebConf every year since 2015 only reinforces the feeling.

I made a first application a while back, but my prospective advocates had not had the opportunity to review recent work and could not advocate me.

Since then, I also became an active member of the Go team, and you might have notice my name as the facilitator of a few BoF in debconf18 and debconf19 schedule.

My goal is to be a DD, as participating in Debian as a whole (and having voting right) is more important to me than upload rights. I would actually settle for non-uploading DD. However, I believe I would actually be able to contribute more usefully by being an uploading DD... ;)

I understand the traditional path is to become a DM first. However, in the Perl team at least, this status doesn't make much sense [4], that's why, after discussing it with a few people over the last few years, I'm applying directly as DD.

(Also, Holger has been bugging me about requesting this status change all night and wouldn't leave me alone until I did :P)

[0] - [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] -

Personal history

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2019-07-20 2019-08-27 DD, upl. Clément Hermann nodens Closed gwolf
2017-09-21 2017-10-05 DM Clément Hermann nodens Closed
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