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Clément Hermann

Account namenodens
OpenPGP fingerprint0663 9AFA A76D 6B48 0169 7088 30E6 7467 6859 C8AD
StatusDebian Contributor on since 2017-09-21

Short Biography

I began using Gnu/Linux in 1995, when I discovered about this wondrous thing called "Internet". The internet cafe I was attending had only Linux workstation, running RedHat.

I installed my first Debian in 2000, to provide a gateway for internet access in the flat I was sharing at the time. Later, as a sysadmin in a small hosting company, I switched to Debian as my OS of choice.

I believe my first contribution is bug #187019, in 2003. There as been a few since, mostly bug reporting/triaging, some packaging (I maintained tsclient for a while, did a few backports here and there, etc). [0]

Currently, while still working for a hosting company, I'm a Tails [1] contributor, maintaining OpenPGP Applet [2] as an "upstream" so it can be in Debian - where I also maintain it as part of the Pkg-Perl team - and can be pulled from there to Tails.

I also recently participated in the Alioth replacement Sprint [3], where it became clear to me that I needed to actually step up and start the NM process. Attending DebConf since 2015 only reinforces the feeling.

My goal is to be a DD, as participating in Debian is more important to me than upload rights, but since it seems the proper way to do it becoming a DM first, that'll be the first step.

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Personal history

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2017-09-21 2017-10-05 DM Clément Hermann nodens Closed
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