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I started to be interested in hacking at around 2000 or 2001, but was only playing around for a long time. Some day around that I tried my first GNU/Linux, which was SuSE Linux 7.x as far as I recall, which was also just a short try. The first distribution I was really using was Ubuntu a few years later. I switched to Linux Mint and just a few years ago to Debian as my desktop OS.

I studied mathematics with minor subject informatics and worked as a software developer. At the time of writing I'm working as a trainer and consultant for GNU/Linux and other Free Software.

Even when I was young, information technology always had to do something with social responsibility for me. When I started writing my first small programs in 2000/2001 I was enthusiastic about the Hacker Ethic and the Chaos Computer Club. Later I got in touch with anarcho-communist views and this way became a Free Software advocate, although a lot of reasons for Free Software are completely independent from your opinion on economics.

Debian seems to be the GNU/Linux distribution built on software freedom and community collaboration and therefore is the perfect distribution for me. Although I work with a lot of different GNU/Linux distributions these days, I could not imagine being part of one except from Debian.

I started packaging for Debian in 2016 with vim-lastplace, a vim addon. Followed by jugglinglab, a Java application to generate and visualize juggling patterns. In 2017 I started helping out with OpenStack packaging which I still do, because OpenStack is also a major topic in my job. This is my main interest for the next time. I also joined the vim packaging team. I did not do much there yet, but I hope to get more involved some day.

There are a lot more packages I would be interested to help maintaining, but I do not want to start too much at once.

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