Christian Ehrhardt

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Software Engineer from Germany that loves Debian ecosystem and Free Software in general. I've studied computer science in the early years of the new millennia. After that I've done performance analysis and KVM development for s390x Mainframes (and a bit embedded PowerPC) for slightly more than a decade in IBM. Since late 2015 I'm in the Canonical Server team working on a multitude of things which over the years was also bringing me into an ever deeper involvement with Debian Project. I started my Linux trip as a Gentoo guy when I was in the University, then the IBM times somewhat pushed me towards RHEL/SuSE and finally nowadays I feel like I've come home in the Debian&Ubuntu space as here I've a much deeper community and personal involvement. I'm co-maintainer of DPDK and maintainer of mdevctl in Debian and Ubuntu Maintainer of Qemu, libvirt, DPDK, open-vm-tools, chrony, gpsd, postgresql and (too) many other things.

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