Philippe Thierry

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Short Biography

I was born in 1982 in the french Alps, and started using GNU/Linux with Red-Hat 5 in 1998... for old i386 PCs. I took some time the next few years to test various distributions (SuSE, Slackware) and deployed my first personal server in 2001.

After some times using OpenBSD (and participating to the OpenBSD-France community), I came back to GNU/Linux and chose Debian in 2005 and never changed.

I'm specialised in embedded systems security (one of the good reason to use Debian) and started to contribute to the OpenSCAP project in 2014 to support various security policy for Debian hosts in SCAP-security-guide. Because I worked in the OS team in the French industry in the same time, I was familiar with Debian packaging ecosystem as it was the Operating system we used. I then started to package the missing SCAP tools for Debian (scap-security-guide and openscap-daemon). I joined the pkg-security team during the begining of 2017 and continued to package various interesting security tools.

Out of Debian, I try to write various IT courses (Android security, SCAP...) and give some courses as supply teacher in Telecom SudParis. All the courses are under CC to let everyone access and use them as needed. I also try to get some time to write article in GNU/Linux magazines.

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