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Renzo Davoli

Account namerenzo
OpenPGP fingerprintBAF1 7B2F F82F 3F11 4DFE E114 2C65 F79E D328 E61B
Status Debian Contributor on since 2019-10-08

Short Biography

I am a libre software developer (and activist).

I am leading the VirtualSquare team who created many tools and libraries included as contributions in Debian. Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE) and ViewOS are just some examples of virtualsquare projects. The virtualsquare wiki ( can testify the number of projects I am working on.

In my other life I am an associate professor of computer science at the University of Bologna. Some current Debian Developers studied in my Operating System classes (including a former Debian Leader). As a researcher I want to fulfill the definition of Science (see Newton/Galilei) by publishing software for independent experimenters who want to confirm or deny my hypothesis. In my opinion, the goal of research is to create solutions, not papers. So I publish my software using libre licenses and in a form that can be used to solve real problems, not only prototypes or proof-of-concepts.

I am currently re-packaging all the Debian packets maintained by Debian VSquare Team, fixing bugs and updating them to their latest codebase and to the latest standards for Debian Packets. I have already contributed to Debian in many ways:

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