Ricardo Ribalda Delgado

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Short Biography

Debian has always been an important part of my professional and personal life.

The first good memory of me using Linux is Debian Potato, I guess every other distro before that is something I try to forget ;). From that moment Debian has been the distro of choice of me an my family (including my parents).

My first professional encounter with Debian was back in the uni, when I was working as a clerk on the computers lab. I ported all the computers from Fedora to Debian, back in 2000. From that point my whole life has gravitated around Open Source. I am a contributor to the Kernel, Open Embedded and U-boot among others and I feel that now it is the time to contribute back to Debian.

I am interested in FPGAs, cameras and the Linux kernel, and the packages that I maintain or collaborate with, are related to that.

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