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Hey, I'm Michael!

My journey into the world of cybersecurity started as an ICS vulnerability analyst, where I focused on developing intrusion detection systems to effectively combat adversaries within critical infrastructure networks. Through my work, I aimed to provide automated solutions that would enhance the nation's security posture. Along the way, I ventured into automating Blue Team vulnerability assessments, freeing up analysts to focus on emerging technologies. This experience propelled me forward, leading me to automate offensive security infrastructure and cloud technologies while collaborating with the Coast Guard Cyber Command's Red Team. In my current role, I am engaged as a cloud engineer. I leverage my expertise to architect and manage secure cloud environments, where I design and implement robust security measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data.

I'm passionate about transforming threat intelligence into tangible detection solutions using Go, Python, PowerShell, and Bash; feel free to check out the work that I do through my GitHub portfolio (https://github.com/RoseSecurity).

In my free time, you can catch me conducting security research for my blog (https://dev.to/rosesecurity), strengthening the cybersecurity posture of organizations through my company (https://rosesecurity.github.io), and educating the community on modern threats and adversarial Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures.

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