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Short Biography

I started to use Debian sometime during my university, because I was looking for a socks proxy server, which I didn't find any in RedHat but found a package called dante in Debian. I remember it was Debian 2.2 Potato. After turning to Debian, I find it has larger software repository and more stable way to upgrade to latest release. So I keep using it.

After graduation, I moved to Tokyo and lived this city ever since. Finally in 2014 I became regular attendee of Tokyo Debian Meeting held monthly. Aspired by other attendees of this regular event, I started to contribute by sending bug report and submitting patches.

Here is the list of my major contributions to Linux and Debian:

  • Add Device-Tree support to Linux Kernel for a few Buffalo Linkstation NAS devices

  • Maintain Debian-Installer image for a few Buffalo Linkstation NAS devices

  • Add GNU/Screen support to Debian-Installer (Since Stretch Alpha 8)

  • Maintain shadowsocks-libev and its related packages such as libcork and kcptun

I also attend conferences, except the monthly Tokyo Debian Meetings.

  • DebConf16, in Cape Town. I had a short session on Debian-Installer's GNU/Screen support.

  • Mini DebConf Japan 2016, in Tokyo. I had a session on Debian-Installer for Buffalo Linkstation NAS.

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