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I am a floss contributor since years, I have contributed to GNOME, KDE and Qt when I was student. Then I have decided to be specialized in embedded linux development, so I have contributed to the Linux kernel, buildoot and yocto (I still contribute to these via my job). Last year I have decided to be part of the debian kernel-team, because Debian is a great distribution and I want to share my kernel experience in Debian (and have more objective feedbacks regarding kernel usage with real usecases). I have done several contribution different packages that are maintained by this team. I have also gained access to the git repositories on gitlab.

With my contributions, I want to make Debian better and more accessible on embedded targets, this is the case for Rasberrypi-based boards or the BBB for example. I think, that a distribution like debian should be able to support completly most of the pi boards (including the pi zero). This is one thing I will try to achieve via my contributions in debian :)

Moreover, I will continue to help the debian kernel-team on the current pending tasks (version bumps, bug fixes, enhancements).

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