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My first exposure to Debian was the FreeLink NAS distribution. It was distributed as a rootfs tarball, but I wanted to use the Debian Installer on my device. Based on Per Avtobiff's work to support the Kurobox Pro, I added support for the very similar LinkStation Pro to d-i for the Squeeze release. I am still co-maintaining the support for these devices along with Roger Shimizu.

At a previous day-job as an Ubuntu sysadmin I started to use OpenLDAP, and found that the Debian package (and therefore also the Ubuntu package) was undermaintained. I decided to get involved in my free time, first triaging bugs and later sending some patches. Since around the Jessie freeze I have been the principal maintainer of OpenLDAP in Debian, and based on patches I sent upstream I also became a committer on the OpenLDAP upstream project.

I volunteer my time to Free Software out of interest, to improve my technical skills, and to pay back some of the value I've derived from having it available to use and study freely.

Besides maintaining my current packages I hope to become involved in more areas of Debian in the future.

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