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Short Biography

My name is Raúl Benencia. I'm an Argentinian expat living in San Francisco, California, United States. I came to Debian more than ten years ago as a regular user, and slowly made my way into contributing to the project with packages and patches.

I've been contributing on and off in several aspects of the projects:

  • Fixed several RC bugs when testing gets frozen.

  • Adopted some love-lacking packages and put them into shape.

  • Reported a couple of critical bugs to the Debian Security Team that got "awarded" with their own CVE and DSA (CVE-2013-1436, CVE-2012-0220 and DSA-2474).

  • Around five years ago I made several contributions in the Debian Haskell team.

  • Introduced a couple of new packages to the archive.

  • Made small contributions to the Go and Prometheus packaging teams, introducing a new Prometheus exporter (prometheus-nginx-vts-exporter, still in NEW), and updating another one as well.

My main interests right now are to continue working on my packages, to package some new projects I consider important to have in the archive, and get to be more active in the Go packaging team.

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