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My name is Raúl Benencia. I'm Argentinian, 33 years old, currently living in San Francisco, California. I came to Debian more than ten years ago as a regular user and made my way into contributing to the project with packages and patches.

My interest for GNU/Linux and the free software world awoke while I was in secondary school. Back in those days, the computer room had dual-boot, and the GNU/Linux distribution available to me was Mandrake. A few years later I managed to buy my first computer and started tinkering with different distributions. Reinstalling the OS to try something new became second nature. However, I would always go back to Debian. There was, and is, something about the project that always called me back: its obsession with technical excellence, the fact that no single company is baby-sitting the distribution, its constitution and democratic processes, among others. I've settled on Debian for more than ten years now.

My Debian interests are diverse. I've packaged software related to Python, Go, Haskell, C++, and some miscellaneous stuff as well. My current interests are to continue working on my packages, to package software related to the Emacs ecosystem, and, in general, to keep the quality of the Debian archive high.

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