Tomasz Rybak

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Short Biography

My first contribution to Free Software was around 1998/1999 when I sent patch to GCC fixing MMX assembly opcode. Unfortunately I lost this mail. I went through various Linux distributions; started with Red Hat, then went through PLD (Polish Linux Distribution), then Linux From Scratch, and then, around 2002/2003 I installed Debian - and stayed. For some time I was user - but I was contributing to PostgreSQL community. Then, in 2009 I started working with GPGPU and CUDA; instead of just installing PyCUDA directly, I decided to create package. Then I tried to upload it to Debian - and it got accepted! So I stayed :-) In 2012 I became Debian Maintainer. In 2013 I attended DebConf in Vaumarcus - where I get to know about Debian Cloud. Some time later I became member of that team. I'm still looking a bit my place in Debian: I attended Bug Squashing Party, Debian Cloud Sprint... Now I want to become Debian Developer to help with testing and publishing Debian images in various clouds.

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