Scarlett Moore

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I started with GNU/Linux and free software in about 1998 and have used it in many ways from desktop user to system administration. I started contributing in 2014 when I wrote documentation for KDE, which in turn, led me to Kubuntu where I started on the packaging path. During an Akademy ( KDE Conference ) Kubuntu and Debian KDE team decided to team up and combine efforts to package KDE software. I have been exclusive to Debian KDE packaging for over a year now, and have had an excellent mentor to improve my skills. I have also participated and completed the Outreachy for Debian reproducible builds. I still actively work on fixing and upstream any !reproducible builds I come across. I am interested in continuing my efforts in the KDE/Qt team with both packaging and reproducible builds, as I have a close relationship with upstream. When I have extra time I am not opposed to branching out to other areas.

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