Eric Desrochers

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Short Biography

I am most known for being an active Ubuntu core developer fixing bugs through SRU (Stable Release Update), merging/syncing packages from Debian to Ubuntu (development release), and so on. I'm also an active member of the Ubuntu DMB (Developer Membership Board) elected for a second 2-year term in a row.

My Launchpad profile:

Over the years, I had several times contribute to Debian in many ways such as reporting bugs, submitting patches (following the "upstream->debian->ubuntu" workflow)

I'm an active 'sosreport' upstream contributor with Debian/Ubuntu best interest. Additionally, I maintain the "sosreport" package in Debian.

The 'sosreport' package is mission critical for third-party vendor who offer support. It is widely adopted amongst vendors and is a vital piece of software for certain organizations.


My short term goal would be to become a Debian Maintainer (DM) for 'sosreport' package.

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