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I am Nkwuda Sunday, a Debian Outreachy Intern for May'21 Outreachy Internships and a free software enthusiast who enjoys building things entirely ( or almost entirely ) with free softwares. What attracted me to Debian was my desire to grow in linux skills and to get involved in the most mentally challenging opensource project. When my initial application for May'21 Outreachy Internships was approved, I joined the js-team IRC channel and started learning and making contributions. Eventually, I got accepted as an Outrachy Intern with the js-team. I started with minor updates, then major package updates before packaging new packages.

It was tough initially getting to know and understand all the Javascript packaging tools and scripts, but my mentors and the people in the community were super helpful. They helped me grow fast in packaging skills by providing me with all the tutorials and materials I needed, and always being there to clear all my doubts. I'm very thankful for Pirate Praveen, Akshay Dinesh, Nilesh Patra, Xavier Guimard, and every other members of the Debian js-team for their masive support and helping me grow through the process. Within the three months of my internship, I've learnt so much and feel very involved as a member of the community. Now, for the coming months, I'd love to go wild with packaging and try all sorts of packaging tasks both simple and complex packages, and understand build tools of different languages. My ambition is to become very skillful with linux, scripting, automation, and packaging, and to build a career that involves these.

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