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My name is Sean and I'm from the UK, though at present I'm a graduate student in the US.

Aside from the usual QA work, most of my Debian time has been working with David Bremner on the pkg-emacsen team toolchain, and working with Gianfranco Costamagna on keeping the RFS queue under control, by providing reviews. The upstream test suites for a lot of Emacs addons will soon start running on, and lots of the steps in packaging Emacs addons have been automated. Secondarily, I've done maintenance work in the pkg-haskell and pkg-mozext teams.

In the future, I'm interested in smoothing the processes involved in maintaining Debian packages, to save valuable volunteer time that can then be spent on fixing bugs. In particular, handling source packages is still too fiddly, especially as part of the sponsorship process. To this end I've been contributing patches and bug reports to dgit. I also maintain a module in the Propellor configuration management system that automatically sets up sbuild, piuparts and autopkgtest on a developer's machine.

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