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I am a Kernel Engineer by profession, a linux user for around 10 years and a debian user for about 4 years. My previous dayjobs included managing a linux server, writing java codes, writing C codes. I have been contributing to upstream Linux Kernel for last 5 years and I am also maintainer for few drivers and parallel port in upstream linux kernel.

Because of my dayjob as a kernel engineer I need to work regularly with ftrace logs which needs trace-cmd and that led me to my debian contributions as the trace-cmd package in debian was very old and was not updated for a long time. Currently, I have adopted and updated 4 packages which I plan to maintain. Also filed two more ITP, both of which are related to kernel ftrace logs. Since one of the ITP is a java package, so I am also contributing to java-team and Tony Mancill has been very helpful in sponsoring java packages. My other uploads have always been sponsored by Adam and he has always been very prompt and helpful. I have also started looking/updating other orphan packages whenever I get some free time, but not taking up the maintainer-ship of them as I am not using them personally. And, till now, Adam has always been there to sponsor them.

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