Sunil Mohan Adapa

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Status Debian Maintainer since 2016-09-04

Short Biography

I am contributor to the free software movement hoping to improve privacy and civil liberties in the digital space. FreedomBox, a pure blend of Debian, is my primary area of focus. In the past, I have contributed to Indian language computing, to a collaboration suite based on Thunderbird and in small ways, to various free software projects.

After the start of the FreedomBox by Eben Moglen, I found it to be clearly the solution to the many of the digital challenges we face. I resolved to contribute to it. Although it took me a while to join the project, I am now a significant contributor to the project and spend half my work time on it (while I spend remaining time doing independent consulting).

I intend to contribute to Debian by:

  • Uploading direct FreedomBox packages such as plinth and freedombox-setup.

  • Uploading supporting packages managed by freedombox-pkg-team.

  • Supporting FreedomBox packages after they enter stable.

  • Helping out with various Debian packages that are necessary for FreedomBox.

So far, I have worked on:

  • Major changes to freedombox-setup package to move its functions to Plinth with a Web UI, fix issues and cleanup.

  • Making freedombox-setup suitable for regular Debian users.

  • Making freedombox-setup and plinth upgradable from one version to next.

  • Initial work for packaging pagekite and submission of changes upstream. Help with later uploads.

  • Initial packaging and later uploads of django-stronghold.

  • Contributed small bits to other related projects such as vmdebootstrap and mod-gnutls.

  • Made significant contributions to cleaning up and adding content to the FreedomBox wiki (part of Debian wiki) and manual.

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