Tong Sun

Account namesuntong
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Status Debian Maintainer since 2018-06-04

Short Biography

I have a long history of using Debian, which started in year 1999, i.e., 18 years ago. I was determined to become a DM four years ago,, and have eventually became an unofficial one --, i.e., I am maintaining two Debian packages right now. Moreover I have helped bring two more Debian packages up to date (zh-autoconvert and ddclient). I am currently also a member of the Debian Chinese Team (because my initial contribution to the zh-autoconvert package building).

I personally maintain more Debian packages than I’m officially doing --, among which the histring ( is what I’m hoping to be adopted as official Debian package eventually. For more info on the Debian packages I am personally maintaining, check out

As I'm gaining experiences and confident, there are more Debian packages I'm aiming to maintain.

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