Gürkan Myczko

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I prefer free software over proprietary software because it allows to review source code, patch it. Since 1999 I'm mostly a Linux user, but I'm also interested in other systems like Plan9, NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP (the free implementation GNUstep), GNU/kFreeBSD.

I maintain a few Debian packages, mainly Fonts, GNUstep, Scientific Software (for my workplace in the first place), Games, and Multimedia (Audio and Video), where I'm also in respective teams. At my workplace, we used to run Debian workstations, 15 years ago, and meanwhile use Debian based ones, however, we still do get software in there through Debian, and run many Debian based servers, the officical swiss mirror for Debian and own reprepro repositories to patch packages of current stable releases.

Here is a working contributor link: https://contributors.debian.org/contributor/gurkan-guest@alioth/

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