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I came to Debian ~15 years ago when I was looking for a modern Linux distribution with a decent package management. Previously I used NetBSD, so I was already into free software. Spending time for free software is my way to extend my personal IT related skills as well as to make this world a better place.

This is also why I started to package syncevolution (which allows to synchronize personal information like contacts and calendars without dumping the data into a cloud) and xca (which helps to set up and maintain an own X509 certificate authority to make encryption easier). I initiated the linuxptp package, which is related to my current job.

Appart from the above, I did the usual bugreporting including providing/testing patches since I started using Debian.

My areas of interest are wildly spread from network security and privacy to multimedia topics like audio streaming (which is why I started to package linuxptp) and image postprocessing as I'm also an amateur photographer.

My short term goal is to become a Debian Maintainer for the packages that I maintain to not waste the time of the sponsors anymore and to provide updated packages with less delay.

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