Tobias Heider

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Short Biography

My name is Tobias Heider and I live in Munich, Germany. My first contact with Linux and Free Software culture was back when I started studying Computer Science around 2012. Since then, I have been an active Linux user. I have used a multitude of distributions on my desktop over the years but recently returned to Ubuntu. Whenever I needed a Linux server, Debian has always been my default choice for its stability and sane default configuration. Besides my interest in Linux I am also an active OpenBSD developer where I work on the IKEv2 daemon OpenIKED, its portable version and more recently Apple M1 hardware support. Most of the Debian packages I (co-)maintain today are OpenBSD applications ported to work on Linux. Recently I also have started maintaining packages as part of the Debian Bananas team which aims to bring Apple Silicon support to Debian.

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