Timothy Pearson

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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2023-12-16

Short Biography

I am a long term Debian user and have been maintaining several server clusters using Debian for well over a decade. In this time I have been creating and maintaining various packages for Debian systems out of the main Debian repositories. I am the original person behind the TDE project, as well as many other smaller open source (GPL/LGPL) projects in the embedded systems space, along with the blob-free POWER9 systems offered by Raptor Computing Systems.

With Chromium at risk for being removed from the tree, I have stepped up and have been helping Andres with the maintainance work, including the work of keeping the ppc64 version working and (currently out of tree) applying the Ungoogled patches. To make continued maintainance of this complex / high churn application possible, I am applying as a maintainer to be able to handle the upload process directly. Raptor uses Chromium extensively on the ppc64 platform, and I have a direct interest in ensuring its continued availability in Debian.

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