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I started working with computers back in 1972, with punch cards and FORTRAN. I learned Unix in depth in 1986 and worked primarily with BSD 4.3 + NFS. I have been involved with Open Source Software for a very long time. I wrote Ghostview back in 1991. This, of course, pre-dates Linux and Debian. Over the years have made minor contributions to various projects such as the ROCKS Cluster distribution. I have broad experience running and developing software for Unix/Linux. My primary development machine is running a Debian derivative. Currently, I am the Release Manager for the HTCondor software and I want to directly maintain HTCondor within Debian. I am currently updating the RPM and DEB packaging for HTCondor. I want to make sure that to latest stable version of HTCondor is always in debian-testing. Also, I want to augment the packaging such that all of the features of HTCondor are available in Debian. Also, I will be incorporating the patches for the Debian version of HTCondor in the upstream distribution as much as possible.

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