Ulrike Uhlig

Account nameulrike
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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2017-02-18

Short Biography

I've been a Debian user for more than 10 years and started contributing in 2014 by working on a first backport of pidgin-otr.

Until then most of my contributions to Free Software were derived from my work as a web developer and translator.

I got quickly involved with (even co-founded) the Anonymity Tools packaging team, now pkg-privacy-maintainers, then rewrote a lot of documentation and a small bit of code for AppArmor in Debian through an internship with Outreachy [1]. In the past I helped out with web related matters on the security tracker and the reproducible builds website. I also try to contribute patches to packages I work on upstream so that they land where they should :) But most and latest of my contributions to Debian are packaging related and tied to my work on Tails. [2]

My future focus and goals lie in continuing to contribute to privacy related packages, and being more independent from the nice people who have guided me until here (thanks!).

Applying as a uploading DD.


[1] https://apparmor.451f.org [2] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?email=u%40451f.org

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