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Utkarsh Gupta

Account nameutkarsh2102
OpenPGP fingerprint6C9D 1048 4A9A E4CC 385F 7C71 823E 9676 06C3 4B96
Status Debian Maintainer since 2019-03-31

Short Biography

I am Utkarsh, 19 years old, from Delhi, India. Currently, I am pursuing my under-graduation in Computer Science and Engineering.

Though I was attracted by computers a little late, that is at the age of 17, but since then I have been contributing to various projects like Python, Debian, coala, etcetera. Soon after the initial days, I was introduced to Linux Mint and other Debian derivatives. I started enjoying the freedom I had, browsing over the config files and the kernel files. I started poking my machine, practiced a lot of Chaos Engineering and started having a lot of fun! Each day was another adventure. But I'll fairly admit, I sobbed often, getting stuck in places that was really hard to escape from.

And I remember how messed up was my system once that I had to install a new distribution then. It was time to decide, suggestions rolled in. And as I chose, Debian Stretch and Arch Linux were the ones I installed that day. It took me a while to install Arch, though :P Since then, I have used both of them for a year, until last December (2018).

Raju (a Debian Developer) asked me if I was interested in contributing to Debian, and since I was free enough, I went ahead with that. Stable changed to testing, and testing changed to unstable. A lot of *rc files changed and packaging began.

Raju taught me packaging from scratch, introduced me to the Ruby team, where I met our Ruby guru, Pirate Praveen (I am sure you must have heard his name, haven't you?). Along with him and others, we started working for Diaspora, GitLab, Rails, etcetera. Packaged and updated a lot of Ruby gems. Soon got introduced to Node packaging and things went on and on. I have interacted with a lot of amazing people and even met a few lately! :D

I also interacted with another JS guru, Xavier Guimard (a Debian Developer). He taught me a lot of things and sponsored a lot of packages, too.

Within a span of 2 months, I could help with over 100 packages, including 30+ bug fixes.

Debian has really been an amazing journey, an amazing place, and an amazing family.
I am just hoping to make it to DebConf once and meet all the people I adore :)

P.S. Much thanks to my first Linux guru, cocoa. He also goes by the name 'Jatin' ;)

Personal history

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2019-03-24 2019-03-31 DM Utkarsh Gupta utkarsh2102 Closed
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