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Elena Grandi

Account namevalhalla
OpenPGP fingerprint0506 CD00 A2F9 DE57 E498 F628 D599 FF61 0180 9E2A
StatusDebian Maintainer since 2016-09-04

Short Biography

I've started to use Linux and be involved in the local Free Software communities around the year 2000. After quite some year of distro-hopping that involved using Debian on servers and boring machines, I've started being involved in the Debian community, especially on IRC, and that lead to two things: I contributed my first package (python-gnupg) and started using Debian everywhere.

I currently maintain a few small python packages via sponsored uploads, and intend to continue doing so, adding to the list new packages that are needed by somebody or adopting orphaned ones.

I also plan to continue trying to find chances to do random one-time things like e.g. doing remote video reviews during DebConf.

Personal history

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2018-02-23 2018-03-19 DD, upl. Elena Grandi valhalla AM santiago
2016-08-18 2016-09-04 DM Elena Grandi valhalla Closed
Applicant From To Applying for Progress AM Advocate(s)